Nov 28 - Dec 7, 2019
Oklahoma City, OK

2018 NRHA Futurity Interviews

NAAC Rookie of the Year Champion:
Megan Tice & Im Smart N Lucky

NAAC Youth 13 & Under:
Raeanna Thayn & Coded N Karma

NAAC 10 & Under Short Stirrup:
Colt Mitchell & Playgun Chic Olena

NAAC 14-18:
Dani Latimer & Sparkling Nite

NAAC Non Pro & Int Non Pro Champion:
Brittalynae Goodlin & Trashin Yer Chic

NAAC Non Pro Prime Time Champion:
Karen Shedlauskas & Red Gun 2

NAAC Novice Non Pro L1 Champion:
Morris Kulmer & NVR What A Lucky Joe

NAAC Novice Non Pro L2 Champion:
Adam Donahue & Thata Shiner

NAAC Novice Open Champion:
Jared Leclair & Lil Coded Candy

NAAC Limited Open Champion:
Jeff Kasten & Whizkeys Hot Jewel

NAAC Rookie Professional Champion:
Kaleigh Geringer & Lil Coded Jac

NAAC Limited Non Pro Champion:
Emily Coultrap & Sparkys Shining Doll

NAAC Open & Int Open Champion:
Fred Thomsson & Arlosa Whiz