Nov 25 - Dec 4, 2021
Oklahoma City, OK


Information on Badges/Admittance for the NRHA Futurity

We have had many questions regarding badges for the NRHA Futurity and hope to answer some of those here.

It was never the intention take any badges away from anyone who receives them as part of their sponsorship. So, for example, if you are a stall sponsor, you will still get your badges. If you are an event sponsor or Corporate Partner, you still get your badges. If you receive badges as a part of your service to the Association or in recognition of your past achievements, you still get them. Each horse entered gets a badge. Sale consignors get badges, as well

It’s easy to see that, with those numbers, we are already well over halfway to our expected 3,000 total to be allowed in the Coliseum by the Oklahoma State Fair.

No tickets will be sold for the futurity, Adequan Arena, Sale or Trade Show and all admission, through December 3 is free. Badges will be required to enter the coliseum on December 4 and December 5.

We plan to begin to sell badges in the horse show office on December 2, based on knowing by that date, exactly how many people will be allowed inside the Coliseum with the COVID-19 restraints in place at that time.

We want to let as many people attend the Futurity Finals as possible. With that said, we need and are asking for your help.

First, if you have received badges and are leaving before December 4 or December 5, please either give them to someone who will use them or turn them in to the show office. This is important because even if they are not used, they will count against the total we are allowed to sell.

Second, if you – through different avenues - receive more badges than you need, please tell us and cancel the extras. Each badge returned or canceled will allow one more person to attend.

Third – if you normally receive badges but are opting not to attend this year, please let us know.

Most years between 4,000 and 5,000 people attend the Open L4 Finals. This includes box seat tickets, general admission tickets and badges. Since we cannot sell tickets in 2020, people who have normally purchased them will need badges. We hope to allow as many people as possible to attend and we appreciate everyone’s help in

this process Even with taking these measures, we anticipate that we will have more people who want tickets than we will be able to accommodate. Because of this, we will be live-streaming the finals into Arena 6 on the big screen as an additional viewing area.

Thank you.

Management and Staff
NRHA Futurity