Nov. 26–Dec. 7, 2024
Oklahoma City, OK

Health Protocols

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the National Reining Horse Association has implemented guidelines and procedures to protect the health and safety of exhibitors, attendees and staff during the 2020 NRHA Futurity and Adequan North American Affiliate Championship Shows.

If you suspect that you or someone in your party may have COVID-19, refer to CDC guidelines on testing. If you test positive for COVID-19 during the NRHA Futurity , please contact show management immediately at 405-238-9893.

The following guidelines have been put in place in accordance with Oklahoma City and Oklahoma State Fairgrounds requirements and the recommendations of the CDC and WHO regarding social distancing and public health. Attendees should review the current CDC and WHO guidelines prior to the event and refrain from attending the show if they have been in contact with anyone exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms within the last 14 days, have a fever or other symptoms, or are immune compromised.

An inherent risk of exposure to COVID-19 exists in any setting where people are present. The NRHA Futurity and Adequan North American Championships Show will be closed to the general public. Participants, family, vendors, horse people and staff may attend by entering through barn entrances and complying with the health protocols contained herein and any applicable local, state or federal mandates.

  • Face protection/face coverings are required per OKC Fairgrounds guidelines. Exhibitors and attendees are required to wear face protection/face coverings in all in-door areas, including but not limited to the stands, show office, trade show, barn and bathrooms. Face protection while astride is optional.
  • Exhibitors and attendees will be held responsible for providing and utilizing their own personal protective equipment, including but not limited to face protection, personal hand sanitizer, gloves, etc.
  • Social-distancing both indoors and outdoors is required at all times.
  • Daily temperature screenings are the responsibility of each individual at the show. Based on guidance from health authorities, anyone with a temperature of 100F or above should not attend.
  • Exhibitors and attendees may not congregate in groups of larger than 10 people and must follow social-distancing guidelines.
  • Keep 6-feet between yourself and people who are not from your same household. Remember that some people without symptoms may be able to spread the virus.
  • Riders/helpers and individuals on foot must keep at least 6-feet of space between each other at all times. Arena entrances/exits will be monitored so that riders/handlers are not coming in close contact entering and exiting the arenas. Loitering is not permitted around the gate areas.
  • Riders shall maintain social distancing guidelines at all times including but not limited to the warm-up and show arenas. Only exhibitors and support staff in the class currently working may be in the adjacent warm-up arena.
  • Viewing stand will be limited as marked. All others must watch from the seating area in the arena.
  • Amount of riders in arenas will be limited by stewards.
  • All individuals on the ground or assisting riders will be asked to maintain 6-foot social distancing standard and wear personal protective equipment. This will be a challenge as you approach the competition ring, but you will be asked to follow the protocol.
  • Those seated in the stands will be required to leave two (2) vacant seats between each person from a separate household or household contact. Every other row of seats in the seating area will be blocked off by the facility for safe physical distancing.
  • Scratch forms and entry forms will be available online.
  • Show Office capacity will be limited to one person per actively staffed front desk computer, plus one person in the waiting area for the next in line. Show Office will require at least 6-foot distancing for check-in areas and in locations where lines form and Show Office personnel will have a protective barrier separating them from exhibitors.
  • Show Office will sanitize entry and exit points of office regularly. When possible, doors will be left open during check-in or periods of high traffic for air flow. Separate entrance/exit doors will be marked to minimize crossing of people.
If you have a professional service provider (i.e. therapy, farriers, veterinarians etc.) attending to your horses, they are required to comply with these protocols, as well.

NRHA and OKC Fairgrounds personnel are required to adhere to social-distancing protocols, daily temperature screenings and to wear face coverings to safeguard themselves, exhibitors and attendees in order to help mitigate the risk of spreading the virus.

Protocols are subject to change based on local, state and federal coronavirus mandates. Please review the latest protocols before traveling to Oklahoma City for potential changes.

Venue Protocols

To prevent the spread of COVID-19, the OKC Fairgrounds will provide the following:

  • Hand sanitizing stations across the fairgrounds.
  • Enhanced cleaning efforts with extra attention to high-traffic areas.
  • Minimized close-contact measures and physical-distancing signage.
  • Encouraged social-distancing procedures during the event.
  • Fairground employees wearing personal protective equipment.
  • The show is closed to the general public for the duration of the event.

Additional Health Resources

Exhibitors and attendees can access the following resources for more information on local testing sites, local mandates or further recommendations on how to stop the spread of COVID-19.

OKLAHOMA STATE FAIR Operating Plans for all Events

The Nation, the State of Oklahoma, and the City of Oklahoma City are under emergency orders due to the COVID-19 pandemic including a a city-wide mask ordinance implemented by The City of OKC.

Oklahoma State Fair, Inc. (OSF) which manages the OKC Fairgrounds and its promoters/licensees are subject to all government issued health and safety regulations, guidelines, ordinances and/ or emergency orders both now and in the future. This may result in future modifications, postponement, rescheduling or cancellation of any ongoing event or future events.

The complete current emergency order can be found here.

While continuing to be open for modified business operations, OSF is conscious of the issue of Covid 19 community spread and “hot spot events “, and with those thoughts in mind OSF has adopted the requirements of the mask ordinance currently in place for OKC for all events occurring at the property.

Masks will be required for all individuals attending, working or exhibiting at any indoor facility at the OKC Fairgrounds. In addition, specific social distancing practices will be in place regarding all shows and their customers and exhibitors.

Wash your hands frequently; Wear your Mask; Practice social distancing at all times.

Oklahoma State Fair, Inc.
Equine Show Policies:

  • Maintain between six (6) to eight (8) feet of social distancing.
  • Vendor booths must maintain a minimum of 10’ apart, unless separated by a solid wall.
  • No back to back booths unless separated by a solid wall.
  • No gathering of more than three (3) people per vendor is allowed at any one time. Trailer Vendors should limit to two (2) guests inside a trailer at a time.
  • Show offices should minimize lines and maintain a three (3) person maximum allowed in office, for service, at a time.
  • RV Office will have a sign on the door stating one (1) person in the office for check-in at a time. Feed and Bedding will mark the retail floor for appropriate social distancing.
These policies are subject to revision and or cancellation at anytime at the sole discretion of OSF, Inc.